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by Gentlefoot


It’s all very well pushing to the absolute limit every lap, going off in 3 out of 4 and setting a fast time on the 1 clean lap. However, this will not help you in a race where one off can cost you a win. Also, it will make it very difficult to improve and get really fast.

The first time I lap a new circuit I’ll do the whole thing in say 2nd gear. That way I get a good look at all the potential reference points around the track and I get a feel for the flow. Then I begin to build up speed. I find I can learn a track in just a few laps taking this approach.

Also, if you keep going off in say turn 3, then you’ll never know what the entry to turn 4 will be like at full speed. I have mates who play and go off at the same corner over and over again. When they finally make it through the corner, they crash at the next one!

In addition, once you get to within say 5 seconds of the WR, then you’ll know which corners you can push a little harder on to save time and which you are pretty much on the money.

一貫性はセットアップを調整する際に絶対に必要な事項です。When I’m creating setups I JUST try to be consistent so that any changes show up in the time. If I was pushing 99% then a fast bit here and mistake there makes lap time comparison meaningless.



このツールを使えば、スピード、スロットルの開度、ブレーキの踏力、ステアリングの角度、そしてサーキットの上での位置など、ラップ上のどの瞬間のデータも閲覧することができます。一見すると、同じようなドライビングでも、AnalyzeForSpeed を使うことで、あなたとWRホルダーがどれだけ違った走りをしているのかをはっきりと理解することができます。

Analyse for Speed Webサイト


コーナーの進入においては、使えるだけの全てのスペースを使いましょう。これにより、コーナリング時の回転半径がより大きくなり、より緩やかにコーナーを抜けることができます。全てのスペースを使いきっていると思ったとしても、恐らくそうではないでしょう。AnalyzeForSpeed has an uncanny knack of proving this to you.

As you are turning toward the apex, you need to be above the ideal corner speed slightly, scrubbing it off as you get to the apex. If you turn in at the required corner speed, you will be shedding time to the fast guys who will be carrying extra speed to the apex I guarantee it. This is one of the hardest skills to master in LFS and in my view what separates the ‘aliens’ (I hate that term) from the rest of us. To do this you will need to learn how to trail brake while keeping some throttle on. Make sure your pedals are set with separate axis.


Many beginners do not down-change early enough when braking. This makes a big difference in braking areas after long straights into slow corners. It can reduce your braking distance by as much as 10 metres. This will save you 1-2 tenths in lap time. It can also help you when attempting a pass on corner entry or defending a pass from a driver behind.

The down change needs to occur at the precise moment when the speed is reduced to a point where the wheels will not lock as you enter the gear below. Lock up and your braking distance will increase dramatically and you will ruin your tyres.

In many cars you can down change at the same moment of even just before you hit the brakes. This depends on the revs in current gear, gear ratios and the rate at which the car can reduce speed.

注意! 早すぎるシフトダウンをフロントドライブの車で行うと、エンジンにダメージを与える可能性があります。ダメージが蓄積されていくと、エンジンの出力に影響を与えていきます。エンジンダメージはピットストップを行うことで修理することができます。これは現在0秒で修理できるようになっていますが、エンジンダメージが主な理由としてピットストップをする必要がある場合はその時間が無駄になります。出来る限りエンジンダメージを与えないドライブを心掛けましょう。


Look after them – don’t lock them in braking and apply the absolute minimum steering angle required. If the tyres are making loads of noise you have applied too much lock. This will dramatically increase your tyre temps and mean you have to run less aggressive camber and pressures to make them last the race. This will lose you time.



Fast corners before long straights are even more important than slow corners before straights because at higher speeds the car accelerates more slowly, so the extra mph you carry has a greater affect.

For corners before long straights you can afford to lose some time on entry if it means you will come out faster. Generally this means apex slightly further round the corner than the mid point. The longer the straight, the later the apex although on fast corners the apex point is pretty much in the middle because you must carry speed through fast corners for reasons mentioned above.




コーナーのできるだけ早い場所 (可能であればエイペックスの前、どんなに遅くてもエイペックスの直後) でフルパワーを出せるように集中しましょう。走行中にこれを意識すれば、ラップタイムを縮めることができるでしょう。パワーの少ないいくつかの車は、コーナーのほとんどでスロットルを入れることができます。









Don’t watch a WR, see that the driver takes T1 at 87mph and then try and take T1 at 87mph, you will go off. Try to aim for a few mph less and build from there. You will get a feel for the amount of lock, trail braking, and throttle control by doing this. With practice you may then be able to match the WR speed through a particular corner.